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Meredith Dolan
44 Cliff St
Merimbula 2548
02 6495 1213
0427 649512
Merimbula, New South Wales

Experience says: A Body in Harmony is the doorway to the Great Mysteries. Join me and learn how Yoga and Somatic Movement can be used as a transformational foundation from which to creatively explore more ease and efficiency in all areas of life.

Yoga Classes

Yoga/ BodyEase Classes - Gentle Somatic movements restore health structure and function. Enquiries welcome for private one to one sessions and for small groups. The focus of these sessions is to support the development of home practice and to enhance your regular yoga or on ongoing personal development.

I have a holistic approach to yoga practice, drawing on more than 30 years of experience. Movement therapy, as a healing tool, has for a long time inspired and supported my Body Harmony® practice and my personal development. Yoga and Hanna Somatic Movement is a wonderful foundation from which to creatively explore your personal transformational style. Dru Yoga, with its deep and gentle meditative qualities and Hanna Somatic Movement, are at the heart of my practice. Private one to one sessions and small groups welcome.

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